Why Giving Up Leads to Tragedy

Why Giving Up Leads to Tragedy

I’m giving up! I’m giving up!!!

Have you heard that seemed to be a small voice but roared like a lion inside of you? When times are difficult, it’s so easy to give up. Yet, that decision may lead you to tragedy.

You had a bright idea. The moment to felt the drive to make it happen, you acted. You plowed the ground and started to plant the seeds. Suddenly, you failed. Someone says, “Hey, I told you it won’t really work. Go back to the tradition.”


Why choose to give up when you can pick yourself up? Here are some that you’ll miss when you drop the sword and raise the white flag.

Experience is a teacher. It will lead you to have a more disciplined life. You will learn to distinguish the right decisions and actions. When you give up, you’ll never learn through the process. Few more days, you’ll regret that you’ve given up.

Fulfillment is a source of joy. The 1st Grader gets the star stamp for passing the exam and having an excellent mark. Can you picture his excitement to tell his parents about it? That’s the joy of passing through a test. The parents would surely be proud of him. I wonder what could have happened when he didn’t take the exam because he thought it was the most difficult test questions ever made. How many of us have already given up even before trying?

How would you feel when someone got that elusive promotion to become the manager? Well, it could have been you. Every little thing we do has a corresponding reward- tangible and intangible. When you give up along the way, every hard work becomes futile. You sweat a lot then you gave up? How was that? You may not see the fruits of your labor yet but when you finish the race, I’m pretty sure there is a reward waiting. I am reminded of this saying, “At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold.”

Giving up will open the door for tragedy. You will lose opportunities that can bring you to a skyrocket success.

If you feel like giving up, pray. Consult with your mentor. Talk to a friend. Find ways to inspire yourself. Let your passion drive you. Just don’t give up.

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