Wear the Right Shoes

Wear the Right Shoes

Musicians, like me, would agree that there are people who can play new songs effortlessly and instantly, even without a music piece. The art of listening is much practiced in the world of notes and rhythms. Those who “play by ear” are called OIDO players. (if I got it right. :))

I play by ear. I call it a gift because no matter how I share it with others, some can’t just pick up the tones and arrangements instantly. We have to admit. There are individuals who are gifted in music, some in arts, some in math, some in sports. Well, I know people who could play music the way you listen to CD. A round of applause, please!

Have you ever found yourself struggling in doing things right but still remain on the average? Perhaps, your dribbling skills took years to improve while it only took you hours to perfectly cook a dish. Or, you are good with math and dreamed to be an engineer but you fell on the trap of being a nurse instead. Why is that?

Creative_Baby_Shower_IdeasIt’s a matter of choice. Second, it’s a matter of priorities. There are reasons why such thing happens- peer pressure, family relations, financial capability and some more. I am a marketing professional, a musician, a coffee-lover, a book-lover and a husband. I can’t just figure it out how seamlessly these things fit in my closet. To add on the list, I write blogs too. That’s my life and I love the way I am. The real connection that links them together? It’s me.

What are you good at? What are the things you do that you enjoy? Are there things you want to try for fun or for experience? Think of the benefits and consequences of the decisions you will make. John Maxwell once advised, “Focus on your strength and forget about your weaknesses.” Build your strengths and don’t lose precious moments in perfecting where you are weak at. It really matters.

There is a good purpose why the Creator gave us unique gifts. No need to be somebody else. So, just wear the right shoes for you. You should be comfortable wearing it otherwise you might regret for the amount you paid, either in monetary or your most precious time.

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