Trim Your Activities

I wrote this because I was too busy, just like a lot of you reading this post. I was so overwhelmed with many responsibilities. There are many things that are snatching a piece of my time.

What to do when you don’t know what to do? How can we trim our activities?

Here are some keys…

looking at tasksDelegation
Some things need to be delegated to a trusted follower, partner or subordinate. In the office, there are tasks that you could hand-over to a faithful staff. He must be waiting for you to trust him with a more delicate assignment. Just identify the things that other people can do so you can focus on greater responsibilities.

Work Management
Do the easy tasks first. These are the things that you can do very easily, without spending much time thinking. Finish them all so you can take time working on more complex and complicated ones. Make sure you you’ll beat the deadline.

Keep Moving Slow.
You might think I am misleading you. I am not. Keeping a slower pace will let you see what’s wrong with your actions. If you will move fast, chances are, you are too quick to commit mistakes. There’s no need to hurry when you are done with small things and tasks are properly delegated.

As you go up the ladder of success, the key is to learn how to delegate responsibilities. Moving up can be exciting yet one wrong step may lead you to failure. Your time is precious. Make sure the ones you love still get the best of you.

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