The Hard Way Academy

Picture this. All of a sudden, you have thought about cooking. You searched for culinary schools and phoned one for inquiry. Then, to your surprise, the person you were talking to told you hundred reasons why cooking was too difficult for you. You are gonna waste a lot of ingredients just to learn a dish. You’re gonna spend money and time to enroll in their prestigious school to become a world-renown chef. And the last thing he told you was to drop by at their place and observe how students fail in class. Would you still enroll?

Of course, there is none in the world who will tell you that. Not with that poor telemarketer. Everyone will boast on their achievements and how you would become like their previous students who are building their career around the world. Precisely. Nobody will orient you how difficult it could be for you.

There are things in life that our parents, teachers, older relatives and office superiors can teach us. But, I figured it out that most of the high impact learning experiences we had came from learning it in the hard way. That’s the Hard Way Academy.
2 kids making pizza (Small)
I had a talk with a respected mentor. To my astonishment, he unfolded a life’s secret that inspired me. This well-respected didn’t have a mentor! He grew up on his own and was able to build credibility in the industry for more than 20 years. I couldn’t just imagine how difficult it was for him to build his confidence in the field because his creativity and intelligence is superb. He taught me to appreciate the advantages of being surrounded with successful people because their insights are like precious gems that can save me from shame.

If life will brief us on what we are gonna take, chances are, either we’ll settle for less or we’ll cease to live the life we wanted. If I was too scared to shift my career and beat red lights just to learn new things, I wouldn’t be here writing this entry. My life has many colors- being a musician, book-lover, basketball and badminton fan, salesman, marketing professional, blogger, friend, aspiring entrepreneur, life coach, a son and a husband who loves coffee, spaghetti, pizza and doughnuts.

Everyone is entitled for a lifetime course at The Hard Way Academy. We all commit mistakes; no one is exempted. But through those failures, we learn and grow and live the life we wanted, surpassing the pain and hurt we have encountered along the way. At the end of day, we can be grateful for each Learning-from-Mistakes Semester. Without that, life could be too easy that we treat each day with no value to life.

The Hard Way Academy is open to new applicants. Who wants to enroll?

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