Profitable Investments

Profitable Investments

I used to read inspirational writings because I have worked for a leading Christian publishing. I have a habit of buying books that I know will help me in my personal life journey. Sometimes, friends give me books because they know I’m an avid reader. Presently, I read something that will prepare me to be a top executive or successful entrepreneur. I am interested to titles about negotiations, leadership, sales and marketing, presentations, advertising and entrepreneurial opportunities. I even buy back issues of business magazines so I can pile them as references.

Take a visit in my closet. There you will find a lot of resources from a heart-break problem to leadership principles . Because I think that they are too many and I’m too lazy to count, I would say I have more than 60 books. They are properly piled so I can notice if a book was taken out. To date, I haven’t finished reading them all yet and I don’t have any plan to read them all! So, what are those books for if I won’t read them? I just want it there! One reason is I might need it someday. Another reason is somebody needs that too. Whether I read it, lend it or give it, it still serves a purpose- to enlighten a person and to make him/her happy. I simply don’t plan to read a book because I know there’s a season for each title to be read.
I have found a common thing among the authors and that is for the benefit of the readers. They share their precious insights so that we can do a lot better, in life and in business. That’s what I call “profitable investments.” The moment they publish their works, they started to earn not just monetary but people. The day after the book launch, their people-meter rises from zero. Authors like John Maxwell, Stephen Covey,Jay Levinson and Ken Blanchard are too much well-loved and became sought-after conference speakers around the globe. There’s one man I know here in Manila who speaks like them, has a radio program and authored best-selling books. I believe he isn’t too rich in bank but in people, much more, friends.

Investing in people is important. If notable authors have the ability to invest their live in their readers, how much more a superior to his subordinate, a coach to his player, an army officer to his private and a father to his son? Sometimes, we pour our time with things that are not important, or can live without. We spend money in tangible things that can be rotten. Why not choose more profitable investment?

Money is not the only thing we can earn while living. I have a lot of friends who are like a family to me. I invest time and money because I know, it grows as time goes by. We can’t forget that “time-deposit” exists. In due time, we’ll reap what we sow to people, directly or indirectly. We save in banks and earn interests; we save on people and earn trust. Let’s deposit lasting wealth to those around us and merrily traipse on the road of “profitable investments”.

I had a lunch with the president of our company. I kindly asked him if I could cover the book he lent so it could be preserved. The book seemed handled with 100% care and it still looks new to me. The price tag wasn’t totally stripped off. I just have a thought that he could pass it on to his children. Gladly, he replied with a smile, “That’s all yours.” “Really? I thought you could pass it on to your son someday.” He said, “Don’t bother about it. I will take care of what he needs.”

Successful people invest on others. They don’t need somebody to push them to do that. They are so filled with insights and passion that they need somebody to pour it in. I admire those kind of people.

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