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Leading a team is not easy. Some think it’s like playing a video game where they control the “players” by pushing buttons.  It’s never that way. It takes influence to lead others. 

I had the privilege to facilitate a leadership workshop and teambuilding program for Anytime Fitness. Facilitating a team of physically fit and muscle-toned participants to outdoor activities is really a challenge. They were all fired up, ready to sweep their opponents and win the game.


Yet, they have to face their greatest opponent of all time – themselves. Because, leadership should always start from ourselves. We have to assess ourselves first before we are able to lead a team.   

Here are my observations during the teambuilding:

  • Participants should know their team members by heart, not just by face. That way, they will be able to fill in the weaknesses of each member and encourage the strong ones to lead. 
  • Anyone can lead, at the given time. Teams gave chances to someone to lead a particular activity. 
  • Teams should listen to themselves. The more difficult each task is, the more teams should listen to everyone’s idea. 

Let me end this post with this quote from Henry Ford – “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” 

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