Hammer and Nails

The technology has taught us to live life simple. Machines and computers aid our everyday lives. Today, many people tend to rely on apps and other available helpful tools rather than exercising their brains with analysis, numbers and situational problem solving. What’s my basis on this?

I have a nice organizer but I put my schedule on my phone.

I have a pencil but I grab the calculator for minimal number problems.

I have a dictionary but I ask Google for word definitions.

I can buy a journal but I choose to write my thoughts in this blog.

You too can have a list like this. Yours could be a little longer. Today, we are all tempted to lose a sense of responsibility to learn more. If we are not careful to exercise our mind in solving problems, we won’t be able to apply those problem-solving principles in real life. There’s no computer system ever created that is designed to provide solutions to your relationship problems. Systems can definitely provide data but it can’t give you sound advice for your career problem. Life’s principles can be learned from seeking a professional advice or a friendly advice or reading an inspirational book.

Always remember, the technology is there as a TOOL. Like a hammer and a nail, we should use the technology as your tool and choose what kind of nail you are going to use. Don’t just depend on the technology but USE it to your advantage.

Write your thoughts in a blog. Maximize social media to uplift yourself and encourage others as well. Watch YouTube tutorials and enhance your craft. Download helpful presentations from SlideShare. Follow prominent people in Twitter and adopt their successful thinking. Read insightful articles in LinkedIn.

By the way, modernization keeps on advancing. It only means that you should upgrade yourself once in a while too because it will not wait for you.


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