Driven by Purpose

I decided to park the ongoing blog series, Growth Chase, because I am preparing for something bigger. Quiet challenged, yet thriving. I’m going to launch my coaching business soon so I was squeezing myself to learn the necessary technology to keep the business going. Honestly, sometimes, I get off tracked.

It’s very easy to lose the “drive” these days. There are a lot of distractions, moving us from the real thing, tempting us to accept the false reality. Scroll your Facebook timeline and you’ll get what I mean.

Those who are noisy are not necessarily the truth-tellers. I always believe there is a silent majority. Those people who are driven by purpose, backing off from the mainstream and just doing their thing.  Secured individuals know timing and silence.


We want to get things done in a fraction of time. We want to reach a destination in just few minutes. We crave for what saves us time – microwave cooking, instant noodles and coffee, fast delivery of goods and 5-minute body workout.

Nature understands timing and season. Flowers blossom in a particular season. Solar eclipse happen in a definite time table. Pilots use careful timing to launch the aircraft. A mom’s full pregnancy cycle is around 9-months. Timing is important.

Knowing the timing is what makes a veteran better than a neophyte. Timing requires patience and we’ll only master patience over time. It takes multiple difficult situations to teach us how to become patient. If you are driven by purpose, you know that whatever step you take requires timing. It’s a battle between “now” and “soon”. Wise people, somehow, understand the importance of delays. They can distinguish what elevates the purpose over the need to get things done faster.listening to music



I remember reading stories of company executives years ago. When top executives face tough decisions, they pause for a while to weigh what is best for the shareholders. They can’t afford to make a mistake.

Silence is very powerful. More often than not, the greatest decisions we have ever made in life are done in silence. In quiet times, we discover purpose and understand it well.

In silence, we also find peace. When we find our purpose in life, we mute other unrelated opportunities. I can land a decent job if I want but because I love public speaking, I am only interested in invitations to speak. I feel the peace inside because I am doing what I really want to do. I speak purposefully and I love it.

Successful people are driven by purpose. 

Have you found your purpose in life? Do you know what matters to you most? If you are into something, do it with purpose. If you are already bored in your job, it’s either you lost your purpose or you found yourself in the wrong place.  Don’t convince yourself in a false reality. You’ll never be happy in a wrong place and disposition. Make the right choices and be driven by purpose.

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