Build Something Now

Few years ago, I met a lot of people from different industries. I was the business development guy of a huge outdoor advertising company. My job was to meet “brains” and “decision-makers” of companies to present partnership arrangements.

I was just doing my job everyday. I learned about brand marketing, social media, outdoor ads tactics and some creative stuff. Then, I met people who blog, develop websites and create blockbuster campaigns. Those things were entirely new to me.

I woke up one day and I set up a free blog in Blogspot.

Here’s a truth – “You won’t be able to see your full potential until you start to build something.” 

Unless you challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone, you wouldn’t know what else you can do. Unless you stretch your muscles, you wouldn’t know how big your biceps could be. Unless you devote yourself in a particular skill, you wouldn’t know how far that skill could take you.


Build something. 

Meet people and build friendships. Start organizing events and build a community. Share your unique story and build an audience. Mentor young people and build new leaders. Run a mile and build stronger muscles. Travel to places and build small structures that will last.

When you create your own business, your own craft, your own product, you don’t just do it for yourself.

Build something because someone will benefit from it. 

The people who inspired me to have my own blog, build my own business, speak to an audience, train professionals, were never selfish. They were so generous enough to tell me stories of success and failures.

If you want to build an empire, you have to start plowing the ground NOW.

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