Another Blank Page, Please

In my early 20’s, I used to have a journal where I write important things to remember during the day. I pen about my lunch, my friends and my secrets. I also write about what I’ve learned from the people I met, could it be from the security guard, cashier, radio DJ, teller, a friend or my boss. Things are so important that I need to remember, sentimentally, who told me what.

I find it so interesting to learn from people, specially those I admire. If I can’t afford to take a seminar about a certain field, I would find a person who can share experiences with me. So grateful I am that I encounter people with high calibers and share their guns on life, work, business and spiritual insights with me.

A lunch treat with my friend and boss has inspired me. My first question was, “what does it take to be the president, the country director, the expat, the excellent public-speaker and the friend to colleagues?” And, here he went with his stories. I was like a blank page and wrote his insights with my invisible pen in mind.

Another brilliant guy shared me his thoughts on how he has achieved his fame and credibility in the marketing industry, in just few one-on-one minutes. Very simple tip. He learned his crafts through observation. And, more importantly, he’s excellent in telling stories.

My friend who owns a prestigious English school taught me on the value of networking, building relationships and helping people develop their potentials. He inspired me to become a public speaker and entrepreneur.

So, today, think about who can help you build your craft. Think of what you can learn from a friend. You are fortunate if your company sends you to corporate seminars or you can afford to pay for the learning investment. If not, just be like a blank page. Find a person who you think has remarkable stories in life. Record it. Examine, evaluate and apply. And, don’t forget to write your own stories too.

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