Always Smell Good

Always Smell Good

Would you agree with me that your taste has something to do with what you smell? And it would be difficult to identify the taste if you pin your nose? Oh, before you try that, please read the rest of this blog.

Since I was in grade school, I have been dreaming to have this nice perfume- Davidoff Cool Water. I just didn’t know why I don’t buy expensive perfumes even if I like them. Haha! I’m good with some perfumes I bought for myself, specially the one I bought when I got married. Anyway, this Cool Water is great and perfect for me. And only this year, after so many many years, a friend gave me a bottle of Cool Water as a gift, without any occasion! Wow!
How is it important to smell good? In my study of personal branding, the way you look determines attitude and personality, and that includes your aroma! HR professionals would think thousand times before they hire you if you stink during the job interview. On the other hand, take note, it’s not just our physical aroma that matters but also our lasting aroma, which is our character.

We could always remember the sweet smell of the rose, the pleasing aroma of coffee and the luscious smell of a mouth-watery dish. Dare you, you won’t be happy to smell a dead rat. You wouldn’t even think of it while having your meal. Same as with people. Whenever we act strangely, naughty and undisciplined, we stink. When we pitch strong words to others, we stink. Being dishonest, disobedient and uncooperative, we stink. Our life stinks. Our personality stinks.

Life wouldn’t be easy for us if we stink. Everyone will leave us without thinking twice. Take a personal inventory. Are we stinking? Do people feel good if we are with them? My nicest advice- always smell good.

In one of the local radio stations, I heard the DJ aired this line:

Brush your teeth so other people could live.

Then, smile. 🙂

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