5 Ways to Push Yourself to Grow

If there’s something we’d like to know, we search it on Google. It’s usually the first thing that feeds us with information (next to Mom and best friend). We have direct access to a bunch of things – definitions, history, language, culture, images, and videos and so on.  Two decades ago, we have to go to a library to do research. We have to do many things, spend a lot of time to know and understand our school assignment and make a report.

In the advent of borderless technology, which makes everything fast, we (should) have more time in developing our skills. YouTube offers a wide directory of professional videos which we can learn from. But, are we using it to keep us from being outdated? Is Facebook a distraction? a source of entertainment? or a platform to speak our voice?

Growth is intentional. Professional development is something we should aim continuously. If we want to become competitive at work, we must be willing to do what is uncomfortable. Here are some tips:

Start your own blog

Consistency is a learned discipline. You may have 1 post in a week. Have 3 posts in a week if you want to do a series of articles. Here, we develop our writing skills. Researching about a topic makes us work beyond our limits. You know, we naturally respond to a need. Having a blog pushes you to look for something new, chronicle a lesson you’ve learned and share stories worthy to read.

Use free hosting blog site like WordPress (https://wordpress.com/) and start blogging (today)!

Subscribe to helpful online resources

Another way to upgrade your knowledge is subscribing to informative websites or social media pages. It’s best to become relevant in your profession and passion in life.

As a professional speaker, I am expected to offer valuable insights based on knowledge and experience. I subscribed to bestselling author and former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing Michael Hyatt (https://michaelhyatt.com/) because he offers a variety of topics which I usually share to my audience like leadership, management and personal growth. I am also subscribed to Rick Warren (http://pastorrick.com/) the bestselling author of Purpose Driven Life, because I have to make sure that whatever I learn and share is values-based and purpose-driven.

growthFind an audience

If you are not a public speaker, this is something you should explore. There’s no one who will validate your growth unless you find an audience. Your audience can be a group from church, a group of friends, a professional club, or your colleagues. Someone should know your story. When a person knows about what you are going through, it holds you accountable. You are forced to be a better version of yourself the next time you meet.

If you haven’t spoken to a group of students, you should try it very soon!

Practice what you’ve learned

What you already know should be put to work. Growth happens when you have an action plan and you commit to do it. There’s a difference when you just acquire the knowledge and you gain experience by practicing it. Knowing a certain discipline doesn’t make any difference at all. You become significant when your experience speaks well of an acquired discipline. People will listen to you if they see you are doing what you are talking about.

I recently re-imposed the discipline of reading books to myself. I am committed to finish at least 2 books in a month. When I was still working with a publishing company, I read at least 5 books in a month. Well, it isn’t too late to bring back what I used to do less than a decade ago. I also committed to have a blog post every week which forces me to disengage from distractions (from growth), complacency and laziness.

If you want to be at least 75% better, practice what you’ve learned.

Network with champions

Have you ever attended a business networking event where you meet different kinds of people talking about success? When you are exposed to more people, you’ll be surprised with the truth about your strengths and weakness. Networking with champions enables you to see where you are weak at. It’s also important to be accountable with someone who can help you maximize your strengths.

Real champions are generous. They give honest advice. Their stories are remarkable. Their success inspires us to do great things. If you’ve found someone who can invest time and energy to help you with your personal growth, you are lucky.

Find out the events that will happen in the next 2 weeks. Pick those that are relevant to you and mark your calendars. You can also schedule a one-on-one meet up with someone you look up to but you have to make it formal because their time is precious. Here’s one key to remember – you may be an avid reader of books and online articles but things are far different if an expert share his personal experiences.

You may have noticed the italics I included in the paragraphs which summarizes this whole post:

Start your own blog is about consistency.

Subscribe to helpful online resources is about relevance.

Find an audience is about validation.

Practice what you’ve learned is about commitment

Network with champions is about accountability.

Let’s all grow together!

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