2017: Bid Goodbye to Passion Killers

I choose not to write about New Year Resolutions for 2017. Too many people have done that in their blogs and Facebook already. As most of us would think, a handful from millions of people would be able to stick on their so-called list of things they want to change or improve in their lives. This new year, I want to challenge you to make a real difference.

Have you realized that you are a wonderful creation and you have the power to invent something? Or, have you thought about adding value to others using your talents and skills?
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The Year 2016 has recorded both exciting and worse things. But, don’t forget the BEST things happened to you. We must step our foot on the Passion Killers.

Assess where you spend your time with the most. Don’t you have time to meet at least 3 new people a month? Have you read Seth Godin’s Linchpin or John Maxwell’s Winning With People? Have you subscribed to helpful blogs related to your passion? Do you spend more time in gadgets to play rather to learn? How quality is you “quality time” with your family? How many seminars have you attended? Mingle with great people, listen and learn from them.

The Challenge: Spend most of your time to activities that will add value to you so you could add value to others.

Who says you are chained in your routine everyday? If you think you are, that means you have perfected it overtime and it’s time for you to accept greater responsibilities. Your job is more than a cash register. It’s your heavenly-assignment. You are there because you need to learn and improve your skills. You are there to build others up. You are there to inspire your colleagues to excel. You are there to connect to your staff, customers and suppliers. It’s the value you created while working that matters and lasts. Someone will outrun your past achievements but not your place in people’s lives.

The Challenge: Do your job well while inspiring others do well with their jobs.

Get rid of the lies that you are not creative. I believe, even people who are good in numbers have brilliant creative ideas. Why do we have to classify ourselves to the world’s standards? Read the book of Proverbs and learn wisdom. Your multi-million idea will come from God. You can’t change your critics’ opinion about you but you can change your attitude and deliver award-winning projects. It doesn’t matter how they think about you but how you think about yourself. The moment you believe you are genius, that’s the time you become one.

The Challenge: Explore new things and discover where you can be great at.

Sometimes, we spend more time doing favor for others than caring for personal needs. Look at your planner and your schedules will tell you whether the activities are for others or for yourself. It’s not bad to pamper yourself once in a while. Take a break from work and spend time with yourself. Grab a coffee and list down the things you want to accomplish and fulfill it. I’ll add emphasis on this: The more you know yourself, the more effective leader (person) you become.

The Challenge: Reserve a time to do what you want for skills improvement or fun, alone, and be happy.

Bid farewell to 2016 and the killers that ruined your passion. Say “Hello” to the new inventions you’ll make in 2017.

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