08 Aug What’s Worth the Chase


Hi everyone! I am so excited to share with you this blog series entitled “GROWTH CHASE. This series is for those who are willing to embrace change and commit to chase personal and professional growth.

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Let’s begin.


Have you ever found yourself chasing after the wind? You get tired but you don’t achieve something. You work hard but you don’t get something in return. You’ve been in the company for 5 years yet you feel you haven’t accomplished anything? It happens almost to everyone – including me!

What is the usual reason of working professionals upon leaving their company? They are looking for (career) growth!  I observed that those who are committed in their personal goals are more likely the ones who jump from one company to another. It’s true that growth is an endless chase. In one of my job interviews, I was asked by the CEO about the reason why I change companies almost frequently, moving from one industry to another. In a split second, I thought of the purpose rather the reason. When we talk about reason, we explain why. We tell the manner and order of events, the people involved and circumstances happened. When we talk about purpose, we know why. We discuss goals, targets and desires.

Today, you need to identify the purpose of the chase. Decide where you will spend your time and energy. With this, you have to ask yourself a lot of questions. Answer the “why’s” and make an action plan.

There are things in life that never fail to excite us. They are definitely worth the chase:

Experience the new

Imagine how happy you were when someone gave you a cute puppy, or a stuff toy, or a slice of pizza with new flavor. New things are like your favorite movies. You appreciate them so much that you forget about old stuff. You can remember the first day you came to your class. You can’t forget the first time you had a good shot in basketball. It feels good to have a new rubber shoes! You can’t wait to show it to your friends.

The first time I rode an airplane for a domestic flight, I took the seat at the window side. During the entire flight, I was watching the clouds in the air and the waters down the earth. That experience was remarkable.

There’s always magic in experiencing new things in life. Same with personal growth. Learning a new skill is fun. You can never go wrong in being hungry to learn. In every new experience, there’s a story. In every story, there is a lesson. Don’t rob yourself of new experiences. Make mistakes and learn from it. Catch butterflies and feel young again. 

Go to places

Life is a journey. In reality, you choose where you step your foot on. So, what and who will stop you from going to places? Time spent in an unusual places is worth it. You can be in a coffee shop, shopping mall, mountain, beach, forest or another city. Going to places teaches us how to appreciate details. How structures are made. How nature is preserved. How food was prepared. How beautiful the people are.

In Singapore, people are well-disciplined. The environment is so clean. They are rich in people from different races. The food is great. Their transportation system is efficient. I met two young Malaysian stock traders who are living there and I was overwhelmed of their entrepreneurial and success-driven mindset.

The value of going to places is with the people you meet and things you discover. In every city, there’s a hidden treasure in the people living there and their rich culture. Plan to visit any place you’ve never been and capture moments. There’s a quote that says, “Traveling makes you a storyteller.” Make that possible in your life!

Remain grateful 

Always be thankful, even in simple things. Being grateful is not a waste. When we thank God for what we have, it adds joy within us. When we appreciate our family and friends, we add value to them. Choose to remain grateful in whatever we experience in life. Seek to find the best out of every people you know. Sometimes it’s difficult but it’s definitely worth it.

Check your Facebook. You’ll see different kinds of opinions of people. I’m sure you will see many people who find faults and flaws. Some dish out accusations to people they don’t even know personally. It’s terrible.

Find reasons to be happy each day. Thank God you are alive. Pray. Don’t react but respond. Remain grateful.

Aren’t these worth the chase? 

Some says that life is short. If that so, we shouldn’t waste time on things we know won’t contribute to our personal and professional growth. Choose your battles. Focus on your goals. Win and celebrate victories!

You may think, “how do I know if I am chasing the right thing for me?” We’ll talk about it tomorrow in my next blog- “How to spot an opportunity in life”

What did you learn from today’s blog? Share it with us. Write in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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