talks header“I love to see companies and individuals grow in quality and

performance by raising new generation leaders.”

Malvin Dinlasan

Metamorphosis_transition to Entrepreneur

Know the truth behind the elusive success of being an entrepreneur. The beauty of entrepreneurship is captivating while the reality is heart-breaking. Yet, in the pursuit of having your own boss, the reward is a story worth-remembering.

If you are an employee, or a student who just graduated, this talk will give you honest takes about being an entrepreneur.



The term “leadership” is commonly associated with position or authority. The truth is – leadership is a journey. We have to discover our leadership potentials and know the right process to cultivate our talents and skills.


When the opportunity knocks, are you prepared to lead a team? Know how to become an organizational leader in Personal Leadership: Leading People from Inside Out


Strengthening Youth Leaders in Digital Age


With the advent of technology, our young people should be equipped with necessary values, skills and disciplines. This talk for youth leaders offers timeless leadership principles and values to prepare them in global leadership.



In marketing, brands are mindful of the budget for maintaining brand awareness. How to level up guerrilla marketing techniques in modern times? Originally delivered at PUP Manila last February, with an impressive audience feedback.