09 Aug How to Spot an Opportunity in Life



In 2012, I was invited to join a newly formed digital marketing company. During that time, it was my 3rd year of employment in an advertising company. My salary was okay. I was enjoying the company benefits. I had the privilege to work with a flexible schedule.  I had good friends there. But, I have to make a tough decision.

The new company was a start-up. No benefits yet. No office yet. No promises of anything- just pure work and fun. I got excited about the work offered because it was something new. Again, I have to make a tough decision.

Should I leave my comfort zone and embrace the uncertain or drop the offer and remain stagnant with my current work? In terms of financial security, the advertising company was well established compared to the new one. In terms of opportunity, the new company had a lot of potentials.

So, I joined the new company. There I was taught to think and act as an entrepreneur. I spotted the opportunity and grabbed it.

Opportunity is like eating ice cream. You have to enjoy it before it melts. Just remember- you still need to choose the perfect flavor for your taste. It goes the same with opportunities. You shouldn’t grab all opportunities in life. You have to pick what will work for you.

Being able to spot an opportunity is a sign of maturity. Yet, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll make the right decisions all the time. You are matured enough to handle the outcome of the decisions you made.

Challenge yourself to grow. Identify opportunities for growth by having these:

Personal Inventory (What do you have)

Identify your skills and strengths. Make a list of what you want and what you don’t want. Monitor how much time you spend in social media every day. When are you productive and when are you not. What bores you? What makes you happy? If I will continue the list, you’ll either be surprised or annoyed.

One of the things we need to understand about personal growth is it takes honesty to admit our weaknesses and acknowledge our strengths. We grab opportunities based on these. As we discover more of ourselves, we develop a courage to pursue what we believe will help us grow and achieve our goals.

I once rejected an offer from a prestigious company not because their offer was bad but I believed I was not good enough for them. I also resigned from a well-known brand just because I knew my limitations and I couldn’t meet their standards.

It’s wiser to accept our weakness. It’s better to focus on our strengths and leverage on it.

Network Map (What other people have)

Sales people would understand this. They are equipped in mapping their targets and identifying prospects. In pursuit of growth, we must take note of our friends. Someone says, “It’s not what you know but it’s who you know.” That is, somehow, true. We always begin our journey with our family and few close friends but along the way, we meet new people who are instrumental to our growth. Those acquaintances are added to our network. They have skills to share, inspirational stories to tell and connections to other people.

Know more about your friends. What do they do? Where do they work? Who are their connections? Always keep in mind that you will connect with people not because you want to get something from them but to collaborate, exchange ideas and share resources.

One of my mentors taught me the importance of connecting with people and build relationships. Through the years of working, I was able develop my “connecting skills”. It helped me a lot especially when I became a public speaker.

While building your circle of friends, you must also give value to others. Remember to be an inspiration to the people around you. You can’t celebrate success alone. Or, shall I say, you can’t be successful alone because, oftentimes, the opportunities are greater when you connect with people.

Success Propellers (What you should have)

What are the secrets to success? Hardwork? Patience? Determination? Risk? You can name a lot of things. You can recite success quotes by someone famous. You can be inspired by a motivational talk delivered by an eloquent speaker. Unless you are propelled to reach your goal, nothing will happen. You will miss the opportunity.

  • Forecasting – the ability to see what’s going to happen, either good or bad. Without forecasting, you won’t do anything.
  • Courage – the drive to take risk and conquer your fears. Courage will lead you to better opportunities.
  • Purpose – the most significant reason why you will do something. Success often starts with a purpose.


Aside from these, get valuable insights from reading helpful articles online. Watch YouTube videos about certain topics you want to learn. Have a paper and pen and take down notes. Listen to podcast. You should have time for these activities.

Growth comes to those who work for it. It’s not an overnight process. Have the desire to do what it takes to reach your dreams. It’s not bad to work for the things you don’t have. You will only see opportunities if you look for it.

On the road to growth you will encounter challenges. That’s what we will discuss in the next blog. Stay tuned!

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