25 Jul Growth is an Endless Chase

In one of my job interviews, I remember how the CEO of the company asked me about the reason why I jumped from one company to another.  Most employers hire someone with an impressive resume, has worked with known companies and stayed there for at least 3 years. My case is unconventional.

I worked with publishing, event production, direct sales, advertising, digital marketing, online shopping and a social enterprise. Then, add a year of being a freelance online project consultant. I must say, it was quite a good roller coaster ride. I was able to network with industry leaders and start-up founders.

I met so many people who never get tired of chasing success. They are hungry to learn more. they eat challenges for breakfast. They understand that the race to greatness is not yet over. You can feel the hustle when you speak to them.

I also met people wadult-1869624_1920ho are complacent. They don’t want change. They wake up in the morning and sleep at night without any plan of how to spend the day. No drive. Uninspired. Totally glued to their daily routine.

Personal growth requires discipline and commitment but it starts when we acknowledge that there is a need to grow. It takes courage to scan ourselves and look for what needs to be improved. It’s more convincing when we listen to other people’s feedback about us and be honest about it.

So, what was my answer to the CEO? I told him that I always look forward to what I will learn in the organization. I am always on hunt where I will learn new things to improve myself while doing my job well. Being in the marketing field, it’s not enough to learn just one aspect because the consumer’s response keeps on changing and the communication channels keep on innovating. If the current environment won’t allow me to diverse my skills, then I have to explore growth somewhere else.

Don’t stop growing. Don’t stop improving. Don’t stop learning. Success comes to those who prepared for it.

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