15 Aug Embracing Challenges


This blog series should have ended already and yet here I am, posting the 3rd blog. Was this intentional? With all honesty, NO. Then why?

I was stuck. The more I want to be consistent with this series, the more I encountered challenges. I wanna prove to you that I can deliver but I failed.

  • I didn’t manage my priorities well. Urgent (life) matters came up, literally surprised me.
  • I wrote the posts during late night to keep up with time. I should have written the articles a weeks before the launch of the series.
  • I got too excited to stretch myself. The idea was good but the execution flapped.
  • I lost the momentum and that is not easy to bring back. Mind and soul are mixed too.
  • I thought of excuses. Who’s reading this blog anyway? Why should I bother doing this? I thought of this out of frustrations. Ugh!

The title of this post is Embracing Challenges.  I guess, life has to refresh me with difficult situations and unlock the codes to growth by facing circumstances I don’t have full control.

You might have read something like this before:

“You can’t control what other people think about you but you can control what you think and how you respond.”

It’s the same thing with the challenges. We can’t dictate the challenges that will come tomorrow. We can anticipate but there’s no guarantee that what we expect would exactly happen. Therefore, how do we respond with challenges? Embrace it. Here’s the process:

Know your limits

If you don’t know your limits, you’ll likely end up in trouble. It’s not easy to admit what we don’t know but it’s a lot safer than pretend we know. Just think about when you eat a lot, more than what can fit your stomach. Running more than a kilometer requires preparation, unless you want destroy your leg muscles, break your knee or lose breath. We are just humans. We have limits. It’s good to know our fears too so we won’t climb too high, impress others and faint in the end.

Unfortunately, we can’t skip this in life. There will be tons of situations what will expose our limits.

Choose to respond

Challenges are designed to make us uncomfortable. That’s always the purpose. Nothing is easy. That’s not the promise of life. The more uncomfortable we are, the greater the lesson. The last thing we should do is react and play the blame game.

When we respond, we value people over the event. When we respond to challenges, we welcome ideas and collaboration. When we respond, we practice personal leadership. Sometimes, silence is the best response to an argument.

Spot an opportunity

In your situation, what is the wisest thing to do? Do you see any opportunity now? In the previous post, I detailed how you can spot an opportunity for personal growth.

When you embrace challenges, you become a better person than yesterday. Your patience level increases. Your decision-making skills level up. You become stronger, bolder and bigger.

They say, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” There’s an opportunity when you receive a feedback, either good or bad. You do better next time if you receive a compliment. You make some changes if you receive a negative one. I learned from my mentor that someone successful said that she can’t wait for me till I become fitted for the job. I was hurt, literally, but I have to accept it. It paved way for me to communicate better and more confidently.

Learn and let go

This is the last part, nothing should follow. When you let go, leave it that way. Don’t go back and over analyze. Learn how to cope up with the challenges. Learn the lesson and move on. Don’t make history as a pattern to live. Yu can always make things better.

When you’ve done wrong, learn from it. When you’ve done right, celebrate. Never forget that challenges are part of life. As blessings come in different forms, so as challenges.

Embrace life’s tests with a humble heart and strong spirit. 

Tune in to the next blog post. We’ll know how to map an action plan for growth.

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