05 Dec Build Something Now

Few years ago, I met a lot of people from different industries. I was the business development guy of a huge outdoor advertising company. My job was to meet "brains" and "decision-makers" of companies to present partnership arrangements. I was just doing my job everyday. I...

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22 Sep Driven by Purpose

I decided to park the ongoing blog series, Growth Chase, because I am preparing for something bigger. Quiet challenged, yet thriving. I'm going to launch my coaching business soon so I was squeezing myself to learn the necessary technology to keep the business going. Honestly,...

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15 Aug Embracing Challenges

This blog series should have ended already and yet here I am, posting the 3rd blog. Was this intentional? With all honesty, NO. Then why? I was stuck. The more I want to be consistent with this series, the more I encountered challenges. I wanna prove...

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09 Aug How to Spot an Opportunity in Life

  In 2012, I was invited to join a newly formed digital marketing company. During that time, it was my 3rd year of employment in an advertising company. My salary was okay. I was enjoying the company benefits. I had the privilege to work with a...

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08 Aug What’s Worth the Chase

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share with you this blog series entitled "GROWTH CHASE". This series is for those who are willing to embrace change and commit to chase personal and professional growth. If you haven't read my eBook START TODAY: Moving Up by Stepping on Failures, please...

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25 Jul Growth is an Endless Chase

In one of my job interviews, I remember how the CEO of the company asked me about the reason why I jumped from one company to another.  Most employers hire someone with an impressive resume, has worked with known companies and stayed there for at least...

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14 Jul 5 Ways to Push Yourself to Grow

If there’s something we’d like to know, we search it on Google. It’s usually the first thing that feeds us with information (next to Mom and best friend). We have direct access to a bunch of things – definitions, history, language, culture, images, and videos...

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A photo by Kalle Kortelainen. unsplash.com/photos/HnWoAM0bMec

04 Jul The Quest for Success

If you will spend just few hours on Facebook, you will encounter the word "SUCCESS" several times. The word is commonly associated with inspiration, goal, future and life. At some point, success is overrated by those who are earning money from their business. When someone...

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26 Jun Your 6th Month Ends Now

DEADLINES!!! You have to finish your project before the month ends. You have to learn the skill before the company fires you. You have a time to beat. No excuses. Deadlines are set so we can work with the schedule. We can't work on one thing for long because...

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Young businesswoman and young businessman side-by-side in starting position and determined to win. Concepts: competition; corporate race; power struggle; battle of the sexes. Studio photography, isolated on white background.

14 Mar That Thing Called Jealousy

I would assume that most of us have already encountered jealousy. Inevitably, someone could be jealous of us because of what we achieved in life. We became jealous of someone because he grabs more attention and applause we thought we only deserve. Jealousy, if not...

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